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本文摘要:最近实在忙,把这个系列的文章公布给忘记了,幸亏热心友友私信提醒,今天继续分享大餐……21.话题:科学家常用词汇:science 科学 scientist 科学家 scientific 科学的 challenge 挑战 expert 专家 specialist专家 determination 刻意 perseverance 恒心 self-confidence 自信 hardworking 勤奋的 modest 谦虚的 put forward 提出 draw a conclusion得出结论 c


最近实在忙,把这个系列的文章公布给忘记了,幸亏热心友友私信提醒,今天继续分享大餐……21.话题:科学家常用词汇:science 科学 scientist 科学家 scientific 科学的 challenge 挑战 expert 专家 specialist专家 determination 刻意 perseverance 恒心 self-confidence 自信 hardworking 勤奋的 modest 谦虚的 put forward 提出 draw a conclusion得出结论 contribute to 有助于 be enthusiastic about 对……热情be fond of 喜爱 feel like 想 be crazy about 对……入迷 be strict with 对……严格 be exposed to 接触…… be born in 出生于 graduate from 结业于 make a contribution to 对……做出孝敬 devote oneself to 奉献于 take an active part in 努力到场…… be cautious about 对……小心审慎规范:Qian Xuesen was born in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou on December 11, 1911.He is a scientist who was a major figure in the missile and space programs of both the United States and the People’s Republic of China. He graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1934 and in the August of 1935 Qian Xuesen left China to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.He went to work as head of the Chinese missile program immediately upon his arrival in China.By 1958 he had finalized (使最终完成) the plans of the Dongfeng missile which was first successfully launched in 1964 just prior to China’s first successful nuclear weapons test.His program was also responsible for the development of the widespread Silkworm missile.He also contributed a lot toChina’s Higher Education.In his late years, since the 1980s, he devoted himself to scientific investigation of traditional Chinese medicine.He died on 31 October, 2009.22.话题:历史与地理常用词汇:province 省 countryside 乡下 island 岛屿 consist of 由……组成 be made up of 由……组成 be divided into 分成 break away from 脱离 furnish为……提供家具 furniture家具 historic有历史意义的 history 历史 locate使……坐落于 location位置 size 尺寸 square kilometers 平方公里 position位置 direction 偏向 population 人口 ancestor 祖先 beach 海滩 coast海岸 port口岸 canal 运河 strait海峡 dynasty 王朝 at a distance of 在……的距离 has a history of有……的历史 with a population of 有……的人口规范:Taiwan Island, the largest island in China, lies west of the Pacific Ocean, with the East Sea on the north and the South Sea surrounding its southwest.Taiwan covers a total area of about 46,000 square kilometers with a population of over 20,000,000.It’s a place abundant in natural resources and bananas, rice, tea and other agricultural products are well-known both at home and abroad.The scenery is so beautiful and the climate is so pleasant that tourists come in large numbers for a visit from all over the world.Alishan National Scenic Area, lying in the northeast of Jiayi county on Taiwan Island, is one of the eleven scenic areas, which attracts thousands of tourists from home and abroad for sightseeing every year.23.话题:计划与愿望常用词汇:future未来 plan计划 prepare 准备 wish 希望 coming 到来 next下一个 oncoming 即未来临的 tomorrow明天 in the future 在未来 make preparations for为……做准备 previous先前的 in no time立刻 right away马上 in time 实时 with the hope/aim of 带着……的希望/目的 face future面临未来 a promising future 灼烁的未来 create a bright future with one’s own hands 用自己的双手去缔造灼烁的未来规范:New Socialist Countryside in the FutureWith the efforts and support from the government in many aspects, a new socialist countryside will appear in China.There will be more new farmers with the basic knowledge of science and technology. With the help of scientists, farmers will use the latest technologies to increase agricultural production without harming the environment. As a result, the annual income of the farmers will be increased and their housing conditions will be improved as well and people in the new countryside will enjoy a clean, tidy and beautiful environment. Besides, the government will provide free compulsory education for kids and also perfect medical care system for farmers.24.话题:招聘与求职常用词汇:employ 雇佣 look for 寻找 take in 吸纳 full-time 全职的 part-time 兼职的 well-paid 薪水高的 be paid by the hour 按小时发人为 requirement 要求 resume 小我私家履历 schooling 受教育情况 subjects 课程 working experience 事情履历 qualification 及格证明 transcript 结果单 health 康健状况 present address 现在通讯地址 apply for 申请…… graduate from 结业于 major in 以……为专业 degree学位 scholarship 奖学金 good grades 良好的结果 hobby 喜好 favorite 最喜欢的 be skilled in 在……方面熟练  be good at 擅长…… experienced 有履历的 confident 自信的 English and computer ability 英语和盘算性能力 healthy 康健的规范:A foreign trade company in Shenzhen is looking for two English interpreters who must not only have undergraduate diploma but also be able to speak English fluently. Besides,preference will be given to those who have foreign trade work experience. If you think you are suitable for the job, please remember to sign up at www.SZft.com and the deadline for your signing up is May,1st. And don’t forget to come for the interview at the recruitment office on the first floor on May 2. Finally, if you are accepted, your job mainly involves acting as an interpreter for foreign trade negotiations.25.:校园文明与宁静问题常用词汇school rules and regulations 学校规章制度 obey遵守 observe遵守 keep/observe discipline遵守纪律 behave well体现良好 be neatly dressed穿着整洁 respect one’s teachers and parents尊敬师长 be on time准时 keep the environment clean保持情况洁净 civilized文明的 break the rules违反规章制度 discipline纪律 spit吐痰 throw rubbish everywhere乱扔垃圾 cheat in the exam考试作弊 get in line插队 fight with sb.与……打架 punish sb.for 因……处罚某人 The students are told not to break any of the rules of the school.学校要求学生不要违反任何规章制度。 The students are expected to…学校期望学生…… It must be made clear that the students should …必须明确的一点是,学生应该…… …is of no good to a friendlyand harmonious society.……对建立友好和谐的社会是毫无益处的。 It is honorable to obey the principles and rules of our school.遵守学校的规章制度是庆幸的。



 It is worthy of praise to… ……是值得表彰的 It is shameful to… ……是可耻的 What we should do is that… 我们应该做的事情是……规范:Hello, everyone! I’m glad to give you some knowledge about first aid when a fire breaks out.First it’s important to keep calm and escape safely from the exit as soon as possible. At the same time do call 119 and tell them the exact address on the phone. If you are trapped, be sure to close the door so that you can resist the intrusion of heat and smoke. Never forget to stand in front of an open window and shout for help with a wet towel covering your mouth and nose. Besides, if unfortunately you are burnt, cool the area of skin with running water and put a piece of dry clean cloth over it or go to hospital immediately.26.话题:艺术常用词汇: art 艺术 artist艺术家 design设计 paint 染料 painting绘画 painter画家 colour涂色 draw绘画 drawing图画 creation作品 creative有缔造力的 impressive令人印象深刻的 figure塑像 imagination想象力appreciation浏览 exhibit展品 exhibition展览会 sculpture雕像 realistic现实的 modern现代的 masterpiece杰作 show one’s talent for…展现对……的天赋arouse/excite one’s curiosity 引发某人的好奇心规范:A Different Mona LisaThanks to a technical progress, one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s classic works is now able to answer questions in Chinese.What’s more, the visitors can reach out to shake her hands.Maybe we should congratulate art lovers because they have the chance to talk with her directly now.The exhibition cost the sponsor about 50 million RMB.The sponsor said he wouldn’t regret spending so much money, because his purpose was to let the public have a new access to art and appreciate it in a new way.What would Mono Lisa say about her mild and mysterious smile? Is it beyond your imagination? So treasure this precious chance and don’t hesitate to talk with her now!27.话题:文学—诗歌常用词汇: poem诗歌 poet 诗人 romantic浪漫的 modern 现代的 ancient古代的 rhyme押韵 nursery rhyme 童谣 rhythm 节奏 express feelings/emotions 表达情感 convey information 转达信息 sorrow 伤心 anger 生气 ending 了局 joy 快乐 make sense 有意义 give a deep impression on sb.给……留下深刻的印象 common常见的 translate into 翻译成 transform 转换 intonation 语调 repetition 重复 be popular with 受……接待 in a free form 以自由体的形式规范:Ancient poems and modern poemsLast week our class had a heated discussion about which poems are more popular between ancient poems and modern poems.About 42% of the students think ancient poems have beautiful rhythm and rhyme and that ancient poems have further meanings, which teach us a lot more. Besides, ancient poems are precious cultural heritage left by our ancestors so we should pass them on from generation to generation.However, the other 58% of the students hold the view that modern poems are easier to understand and can express our different feelings and ideas easily. What’s more, modern poems don’t have to follow special patterns of rhythm and rhyme so we are free to express ourselves.In my opinion, both ancient poems and modern poems are our national cultures and we should learn from them.28.话题:康健常用词汇: relax oneself 放松自己 breathe fresh air 呼吸新鲜空气energetic 精神充沛的 build our bodies 增强体质 do good to one’s health.对某人康健有利益 form the habit of getting up early 养成早起的习惯 take exercise 磨炼身体 keep fit 保持康健 oxygen 氧气 sleep disorder 睡眠欠好 go on a diet 节食 green food 绿色食品 physical fitness 身体康健 lose weight 减肥 get rid of the bad habit of smoking 改掉吸烟的坏习惯 do harm to one’s health 对某人的康健有害处 give up smoking 戒烟规范:As we all know smoking does great harm to human beings.More and more people have come to realize how serious this problem is.But they are never bored with it. Some people think it is a kind of fashion, some think it is of great fun and others think that smoking can refresh them.However, smoking does cause many illnesses.A lot of people always cough because of smoking.The most serious illness caused by smoking is lung cancer. Meanwhile smoking is a waste of money.Besides, careless smokers may cause dangerous fires.It’s high time for smokers to give up smoking.29.话题:情况掩护常用词汇: pollute污染 environmental conservation 情况掩护 save energy/water 节约能源/水 sort rubbish 垃圾分类 recycle textbooks/trash 课本/垃圾接纳使用 ban smoking in public 克制在公共场所吸烟 improve our living condition 改善居住条件 keep the balance of nature 保持自然界的平衡 ban the abuse of plastic bags 克制滥用塑料袋 Don’t litter/spit everywhere 不随地扔垃圾痰 Waste is scattering here and there.随处撒满了废弃物。 protect the environment 掩护情况 send out smoke and poisonous gases into the air 散发出烟和有毒气体 cut down trees砍伐树木 pour waste water into the rivers把废水注入河流 It is a shame to throw rubbisharound.乱扔垃圾是可耻的。

 form good habits to protect the surroundings养成良好的习惯来掩护情况 take active measures to protect rare animals接纳努力措施掩护稀有动物 take good care of our forests体贴我们的森林 plant more trees to improve the environment 多植树来改善情况 The terrible pollution has done great harm to us as well as to the surroundings.恐怖的污染已经给我们自己另有我们的情况带来了很大的危害。规范:Say “ No” to Plastic BagsSince June 1st, 2008, plastic bags are no longer provided for free in the supermarkets. Different people have different opinions on this matter.As far as I am concerned, the government is taking steps to protect our living environment. It’s true that plastic bags make people’s shopping more convenient. However, most people just throw them away after using them, and don’t know how to deal with them. What’s more, it will take a long time for plastic bags to break down. As a result, they can cause serious pollution and do great harm to our surroundings, then to people’s health.Personally speaking, I fully agree with this policy.After all, it is good for our environment.And we could use bags made of paper or cloth instead of plastic bags when shopping.30.话题:自然常用词汇:hurricane 飓风 storm 风暴 thunderstorm 雷雨 earthquake 地震 flood 水灾 typhoon 台风 panic 惊慌 volcano 火山 erupt 发作 eruption 发作 atmosphere 大气层 temperature 温度 disaster 灾难 lightning 闪电 safe 宁静的 matter事情 message 消息 damage损害 warming 警告 predict 预测 affect 影响 environment 情况the power of nature 自然的气力 scientific equipment 科学仪器 the local people 当地人 burn to the ground 烧毁 thick forest 茂密的森林 nature reserve 自然掩护区 all over the world 全世界规范:Extreme weatherAccording to the passage, extreme temperatures happen much more frequently than ever before in European countries.These are largely due to the heat produced in cities and the circulation of the atmosphere.Reasons for extreme temperatures are varied.For one thing, human’s activities like burning fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide, which makes the globe warmer, causing the global temperature to go up.For another, people’s cutting down trees that can absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide for furniture also contributes to the warmth of the earth, which gives rise to extreme temperatures.Extreme temperatures can do a lot of harm to people’s health.The heatwave or the high temperatures can cause stress, worsening of diseases and even death, especially among children and old people. Therefore, to cope with the extreme temperatures, themost effective way is a global effort to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.Individuals should use less energy, plant more trees and recycle materials becauseeveryone’s contribution counts.。






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